In order to accommodate a wide range of specific products, Electropreci had to adapt its manufacturing techniques and its machine park to optimise its production of coils. They also guarantee the quality of their parts by using moulding and impregnation when manufacturing them.


The workstations are equipped with machines and tools of various capacities allowing the creation of a wide range of coils and windings:

• fine wire (from 5/100), braided wire (wires spun with one or several layers of cotton or silk),
• aluminium flats up to 8X40 and copper from 0.8×5 to 5×40, on edge or flat,
• copper straps,
• aluminium straps from 0.1mm to meet weight requirements in particular in the aeronautics sector.

We create our windings according to our customers’ requirements, possibly event using UL insulating materials.



Output connections can be connected to terminal rails, isolated terminals (insulation test plug), threaded brass rods, or copper bars.
For this purpose we have developed:

• a die forging system (cold welding) for copper – aluminium connections
• 5 kVA brazing clamps with current transformers of various power ratings

Impregnation Moulding

In order to guarantee a longer working life and higher voltage resistance, the parts are dehydrated, vacuum/pressure impregnated and polymerized in computer-programmed and controlled ovens.
For high-voltage applications, the parts may either be moulded with in-house manufactured mould elements produced according to design office drawings, or impregnated and immersed in oil-filled tanks

Impregnation Moulding


We have a mechanical engineering workshop which allows us to quickly execute:

• tooling for part moulding and impregnation
• specific forms and tools used to produce windings without supports,
• machining of ferrites and various other materials to produce customized winding forms,
• if necessary, mounting accessories and straps,
• sheet metal cutting,
• various welding operations,
• machining of magnetic circuits.


Our test and measurement facilities enable us to check all part characteristics after production and validate their conformity to requirements