Coils, inductors and chokes

Inductances and chokes for weak or very strong currents and voltages. The conductors for each product (e.g. strapping, bar, flat wire, litz wire) as well as the magnetic circuits are defined by their power and frequency and are adapted to air-gap integration.

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  • Air inductance

    Non-saturable inductance
  • Air self

    with winding on field
  • Air wound inductor

    on field with support
  • Aluminium choke winding

    on the edge with cor
  • Brow-out coil

    High current field coil
  • Choke coil

    wound on the edge very often moulded to hold the turns on current peak
  • Coil with magnetic core

    for current smoothing with variable frequency
  • Coil without support

    with glue for electromagnetic field
  • Detection coil

    Emitter and receiver coil used in prospecting for mineral, water, etc…
  • Disk-type air choke

    Voltage surge limitation choke
  • Field coil

    Coil used for the creation of a magnetic field
  • Honeycomb winding

    on epoxy glass support
  • Honeycomb windings

  • HT inductor

    on rack with separate slabs
  • HV choke

    Choke with high isolation capacity in HV applications
  • Ignition coil

    Coil for magnetic flywheel for ignition of sparkplugs