Transformers which meet very specific needs in terms of voltage, current or frequency. They are manufactured to meet such requirements as using dielectric oil, being zero halogen and meeting fire behaviour standards for medical, railway, aerospace and naval applications.

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  • Auto-transformer

    Single-phase transformer with low loss and low leakage inductance, voltages
  • Construction site isolation transformer

    16 kV class II 8 kVA isolation for railway site
  • Ferrite transformer

    with direct wire connection and pins
  • High-voltage transformer

    High-isolation transformer for HV applications
  • HV isolating transformer

    for dielectric measurement
  • HV transformer

    in oil 230 V- 62 kV
  • HV transformer

    for X-ray tube power supply
  • Ignition transformer

    Transformer for powering lighting elements (lamps) or HV ignition
  • Impulse transformer

    Transformer used for the control of a thyristor or supply of a thyratron
  • Impulse transformer

    for embedded electronic board
  • Isolating transformers

    Transformer with galvanic isolation between elements
  • measurement transformer

    10 KV 15 VA HV measurement transformer for dielectric test
  • Moulded current transformer

  • Moulded current transformer

    with  primary current bar
  • Moulded HT transformer

    with high isolation rating
  • Power box

    with isolating transformer and filter for laboratory